We adopt the ‘planet over profit’ expression by keeping our prices as low as possible.  Plant based hair extensions are HAND MADE START TO FINISH.  To ensure fair trade, we never compromise neither do we negotiate the price asked from our workers. 

There are 3 options in our tiered pricing system.

Treated Dyed – This is where either banana stem or tropical leaf hair fibres are washed, conditioned, dyed, pre-stretched, brushed, combed and oiled.  They are completely finished item.

Treated un-dyed – This is where either banana stem or tropical leaf fibres are washed, conditioned, pre-stretched, brushed, combed and oiled. They are completely finished item in their natural colour.

Un-treated Natural – This is where either banana stem or tropical leaf hair fibres have been extracted and cleaned.

MOQTreated DyedTreated NaturalUntreated Natural
1kg$270/kg$260 / kg$240/kg
5kg$260/kg$250 / kg$230/kg
10kg$250/kg$240 / kg$220/kg
15kg$240/kg$230 / kg$210/kg
20kg$230/kg$220 / kg$200/kg
25kg$220/kg$210 / kg$190/kg
30kg$210/kg$200 / kg$180/kg
35kg $200/kg$190 / kg$170/kg
40kg$190/kg$180 / kg$160/kg

1% of all sales is donated to HalfCut org. Protecting the oldest rainforest in the world, ‘The Daintree’. Protecting crucial habitat for many threatened and endangered species.

All wholesale orders are made to order, expect a turnaround of approximately 1 month.  Delays can and often do happen.

Photos are sent before shipment to ensure satisfaction.

A 50% payment is required upfront with the remainder to be paid prior to shipping from Australia.

There is no obligation for you to disclose Raw Society Hair as your source. You may be listed as a stockist on our website and socials and we may direct customers of your region to you.

Minimum order quantity is 1kg with 1kg per colour.

Email us with your order requirements.

Should you wish to make an order larger than 40kg, please get in touch