Firstly, PLEASE thoroughly read the aftercare page upon purchase of your extensions.  You are paying a lot of money for your new locks, it is vital you care for them correctly.  As long as you follow the correct guidance, you should not encounter any problems and you will adore your new hair.

If you would like to change the colour this is no problem as long as the hair has not been removed from its bindings, however we don’t pay for return postage unfortunately.

On the rare occasion that you should you receive what you deem to be a fault with the extensions that occurs within the first month of purchase, please contact us via email explaining what the fault is and we will make arrangements to rectify the issue.  Should you have an issue with the product after a month please also contact us via email.  We pride ourselves on customer services and are always here to help, advise and not to point the finger.

Clip ins; should you want to change the colour please send us an email and we can arrange return information.  We do not cover return postage as you were given the opportunity to purchase samples; however if you send us an email we may be able to arrange a meeting with one of our representatives to switch over the colour for free.  Please note however, the hair must NOT have been worn, which means the ties holding together must not have been cut, or an exchange can not be given.