Red Zero Banana Hair


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Our zero range is coloured using corn maize and food colouring in the form of a powder.  The powder is applied to dry banana hair and then sealed with a serum. There has been zero water, zero plastic and zero chemicals used to create these colours.  Due to the use of a coloured powder, it can be washed after use and a different colour applied for your next ‘do’, this can be done as many times as you wish.  Additional colours can also be purchased.

The powder will sprinkle when moving and separating the hair and is likely to fall in to the natural hair, therefore it is advised to create your style in a suitable environment and it may take a few washes to come out of blonde hair.  A test on a small section of hair is recommended.

The length is approximately 40″ folded over and weighs 30g; banana hair is approximately 3 times lighter than human or plastic hair.

Our hair is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, can be washed, conditioned, oiled, coloured, heat styled and reused many times.  The texture of the hair is perfect for braiding as it is course yet flexible.


Raw, Black, Red, Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow, Coral, Custom


30g, 90g, 1kg