Our coloured range has been dyed using planet friendly fabric dyes.  The colour is permanent but will fade over time.  The colour is likely to run after the first few washes due to the porous nature of the hair, therefore if you are blonde we recommend keeping the hair dry when worn until you are confident no colour will run. This option is good if you want to keep your banana hair a certain colour.

The length is approximately 40″ folded over and weighs 30g; banana hair is approximately 3 times lighter than human or plastic hair.

Our hair is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, can be washed, conditioned, oiled, coloured, heat styled and reused many times.  The texture of the hair is perfect for braiding as it is course yet flexible.

Women HAND create our product from start to finish, therefore do expect fluctuations and inconsistencies between products; we do compromise perfection for the planet but we strongly believe it is a great compromise.