We have our own rainforest acre protection counter with HalfCut. HalfCut is a fundraising organisation with one aim – to save our planet from the Climate Crisis. 50% of the worlds forests have been destroyed, HalfCut are buying the Daintree Rainforest to return it to its original owners.

The current Lot HalfCut are raising funds to purchase is LOT155, just $2.50 saves 1sqm. 1% of our sales goes to saving LOT155, we pay that 1% for you but if you would like to make a one off personal donation to contribute to saving the rainforest, please hit this link. *

Every August ‘HalfCut Heroes’ shave, braid, style or colour their hair to raise awareness of the 50% destruction 50% beautiful forest. Raw Society Hair have created a product to help you achieve your HalfCut braided look at home. Using the HalfCut colours we have created 3 x braided banana hair which are attached to 100% biodegradable natural rubber bands. Simply tie them on to your hair to get that half braided effect as seen in our photos. 1% of sales of these products goes to saving LOT155.