We offer 2 types of plant based hair extensions; banana stem and tropical leaf.

Both are extractions from a waste product once the fruits have been harvested; the banana fibre is extracted from the pseudo stem and the tropical from the fruits leaves. See ‘About’ for further information.

Banana Stem

Banana fibre is a natural golden shade and has a supple yet coarse texture, making it perfect for use as a braiding hair. The fibres are strong and do not easily break, but do shed from within the shaft.

Approximately 100cm in length.

Tropical Leaf

The most beautifully soft hair fibre. Raw Society Hair is the only company in the world to offer this beautiful hair extension material. Tropical leaf fibre is a stunning white shade in its natural form. It is supple and super soft to touch. Due to its natural white shade, it has the ability to be dyed an array of colours. The fibres are also strong but do shed from within the shaft.

2 length options; approximately 100cm or 150cm.

Both fibres arrive presented in a pony tail (pre stretched both ends coming soon). They are tied at the top with a natural biodegradable rubber band, the thickness of hair tapers off throughout the length of the pony tail. We use thinning scissors to taper the top of the pony tail. Should you wish to have both ends pre-stretched, please get in touch for tips.

Both fibres are light in weight, approximately 2/3 the weight of plastic hair. Therefore, this allows for a more comfortable wear and means you save money by not needing as much per style.

Both fibres are the same cost.