Where is it shipped from?

Our plant based hair extension fibres are extracted in India, they are completed in Australia.  Shipment is from Australia.

Can it be heat styled?

Yes. Your plant based hair extensions take very well to heat drying and heat styling allowing them to be curled, straightened and textured.

Is it flammable?

Yes.  These are dried plant fibres, do NOT expose to a flame.

What dye is used on the coloured shades?

A non toxic, vegan and cruelty free dye.  However, any dye will work.  We have chosen this particular dye due to its vibrancy, consistency and absorption ability.  Full ingredients are: s alizarin (a sodium salt), purpurin (madder extraction), munjistin (madder extraction), emodin (from rhubarb, buckthorn or Japanese knotweed), chrysophanol (a naturally occurring anthraquinone), aloe emodin (an exudate from the aloe plant), physcion (a pigment found in the roots of Curled Dock), rhein (obtained from rhubarb), triphenylmethyl chloride, triphenylmethyl radical, dipyrone , aminopyrine, ampyrone,famprofazone, morazone,  nifenazone, piperylon, propyphenazone, aminophenazone, Nitro-p-Phenylenediamine (amino compound used to permanent dye), hydroxyquinoline sulfate (anti-bacterial), niacin.

Can any dye be used?

Yes. Plant based hair extensions will take any dye. 

Do our products come in any plastic packaging?

Any plastic within our packaging is sourced from BioGone.  This is biodegradable packaging. 

How do you ensure the hair is sterile?

The fibres are boiled for approximately 10 minutes and then steamed prior to packaging. 

What is the biodegrading time and conditions?

The following discoveries have been found; 48 weeks biodegrading time in water. 6 weeks in soil or compost.  12 weeks outdoor weathered or landfill.

How many bundles do I need?

One bundle of 100g/3.5 oz we believe to be the equivalent of 85g/3oz of kanekalon hair. 

How do i seal the hair?

Either with hot water, using our biodegradable natural rubber bands or twisting and sealing with a crochet needle (dread lock).  Do NOT burn with a lighter. 

Can I burn the hair?

No!  Unlike kanekalon, plant based hair extensions do not contain harmful chemicals and will not melt. 

How long can they be worn?

We have customers who have been intermittently wearing their plant based hair extensions for 2 years.  Colour will fade over time and as the hair is brushed, weight will be lost.  It is these 2 reasons that usually encourages a decision to replace them.  The more delicate you are with the hair and the least you wash and brush it, the longer it will last.

Why is banana hair more expensive than plastic synthetic hair?

This is due to the slow manufacturing process.  It is hand made from start to finish; if the cost of the hair was to be lowered this could endanger the fair trade of our workers.  We never compromise neither do we ever negotiate the price asked from our workers.  To obtain fair working conditions for all, the retail price of the finished pieces must also remain fair.  Planet over profit, always.

Can I return my hair extensions?

Yes, purchase with confidence.  We want you to love your Raw Society Hair Extensions as much as we do but if for any reason you decide they are not suitable, we will give a full refund upon return of hair in original condition.

Can I recycle my old kanekalon hair extensions?

Yes. Contact Terracycle, who specialise in recycling materials deemed un-recyclable.