Raw Society Hair + The Planet

Banana hair is based on practices that not only protect environmental health, but also strive to improve it. As a result, choosing banana hair helps prevent damage to valuable water resources, protect species diversity, and combat climate change. It is bio-degradable; it can be re-cycled into other products once you are finished with it, such as textile/fabric, paper, etc and can be completely decomposed in the soil by micro-organisms and sunlight without decomposing into any pollutants.

It is eco-friendly because chemicals used are non-toxic to humans and the chemical manufacturing processes are closed-loop so 99.5% of the chemicals used during the processing are captured and recycled to be used again. 

Why banana hair is the responsible choice for environmental protection

Banana fibers are of major economic importance to many developing countries and vital to the livelihoods and food security of millions of small-scale farmers and processors. They include over 1billion people in the Banana sector farmers Worldwide. By choosing to use Biodegradable Natural Hair Extensions we boost the sector’s contribution to economic growth and help fight Plastic Pollution, hunger and rural poverty. 

About the banana tree

Banana plantations are large factories for photosynthesis which reduces greenhouse gases. The leaves of Banana are broader and grow up to 9 feet in length and two feet wide. Due to this there is a large area coverage in each leaf, it intakes more carbon from the surrounding and exhales purified oxygen in the surroundings. Thus the entire surrounding where the Banana is grown becomes a very healthy area to reside in with clean purified air.

This is the natural way we can surely reduce the Global warming and compensate the Carbon Emissions by planting more banana trees around us.

By planting more banana trees, not only does the surrounding become greener and gain more oxygen, but also a cheaper and healthier food item is produced! This is in addition to the eco-balancing act and rain flow.

Banana Trees are the largest and longest living plants growing on earth. Comparing to any other long living Tree family, Banana Trees have more coverage grown and less growth span; moreover it springs from its roots to grow more fresh trees before it fades. Thus, a chain of growth is automatically generated to sustain its growth in the surroundings.

To make up for the loss of trees in the past decade, we would need to plant 130 million hectares.  Rainforests cover only 7 per cent of the land on earth, but banana trees generate about 40 per cent of the world’s oxygen requirements.

In one year, an average single banana tree inhales 10 to12 kilograms of CO2 and exhales enough oxygen for a family of four for a whole year. One hectare of banana trees can absorb 5 – 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

Thank you for choosing the environment.