Our little company is made up of us 2 sisters; Crystal and Cherry.  We are from the UK and made the permanent move to Australia in 2017.  We are very passionate about our planet and try to live consciously in all aspects.  Crystals history is in graphic design, Cherrys is in secondary school teaching followed by hair extensions; having opened a hair extension salon in 2015.  We know the hair industry has a lot to answer for  and we became increasing uncomfortable with this, specifically the plastic waste caused by synthetic hair extensions and the ethics involved in human hair extension.  We wanted to create products which can be a great addition to the hair market without damaging our land, water, humans or beautiful animals.

We began reaching out around the globe, sourcing various materials, experimenting with them and building relationships.  We fell in love with a raw material discovered from Banana Trees in Uganda and the journey behind it. It was planet friendly in every aspect and even carbon positive, but it needed some work.  We allowed many months to work with this product until we were thrilled with what we were creating.  Our brand was born.

The incredible discovery and invention of the extraction of the fibres from the pseudo stem of the banana tree from our partners at Bio Jigsaw Ltd is patented, therefore the intricate details of the process isn’t disclosed. The innovation was with a focus on helping the environment by increasing tree plantation, minimising land waste and reducing the use of synthetic hair extensions which is currently adding extensively to the plastic waste into the ocean.

Banana hair is made from the part of the banana tree that is removed when the fruits are picked, known as the ‘stem’. The stem would normally be treated as a waste product and placed within large parcels of land to biodegrade, but by using it to create banana hair it provide the farmers with extra income and saves land space. Banana trees have one of the largest leaves in the world, enabling them to photosynthesise at a high rate which is vital for our planet. Supporting banana hair extensions will in turn increase banana tree plantation, save land, provide Ugandan farmers with extra income, create jobs for the Ugandan people and remove a nasty plastic product for biodegradable. Visit the banana hair page for more in-depth information in to the benefits of banana hair.

Raw Society Hair Family - Cherry, Crystal, Silver and Coral

“We have a single mission to protect and hand on the planet to the next generation”.  Francois Hollande.